New Interior Design Trends for the New Decade – Part 1

People often ask me for advice on new design trends so today on the blog I’m starting a 3 part look at interior design trends for 2020.  I actually don’t believe in designing your home solely on new trends but instead by focusing on personality and individual taste. This is a perfect starting point to create your own style and then combine it with the best of the current trends to create your own unique look and feel to your home.

As we move into a new decade, certain looks that are starting to feel a little passé. Then again there are new interior design trends that might come to define a home style in the first few years of the 2020s. Far be it from me to suggest that you dispense with something purely because it’s no longer on-trend. However, if you’re planning on redecorating a room or just replacing a piece of furniture, here’s what’s likely to be consigned to the last decade in terms of style, as well as what’s on the radar for the decade ahead.

Today more than ever before we need to relax. We need more time to replenish our bodies and our minds. Mental health is a huge topic at the moment. When it comes to designing a child’s bedroom or your master bedroom, the mood of the room and the way you feel colour will have a huge impact on both mind, body and soul

For Part one of New Decade New Trends, I’ll be talking about colour and patterns


Let’s talk about Colour!

Greys is safe and…. Dull!!!. Grey is the one paint colour that defines the past decade, in all its shades. It’s no wonder that we had a love affair with grey for so long. It’s really easy to work into most colour schemes. A great neutral backdrop with just a little bit of added interest to differ from white. I’m not saying we’ve seen the last of grey yet, but it is definitely time for people to welcome more colour into their lives. The colour green is a hot contender to replace grey, especially as the Dulux Colour of the year for 2020 is Tranquil Dawn. A soft green which would go in any space. Combine it with warm pink tones or darker greens to enhance the feel of bringing the outside in.

Beautiful combination of soft green - Tranquil Dawn- in your living room by Dulux colour

A few of my other favourite colours for you to think about are;

Little Greene :Pique / Welcome/ Wood Ash / Flint White

Farrow & Ball: Velvet / Cromarty / Middleton Pink / Peignoir

Benjamin Moore: White Heron/ First light / Windmill Wings

The trend of painting more than one colour on a wall is emerging as a new idea. Block colours and mixing different symmetry shapes on one wall is also becoming popular.

Block colour used to great effect with Benjamin Moore paints in these boys bedroom alcove bunks

In this new decade, you can really put your creative hat on and create something marvellous. Don’t’ be scared, this is your opportunity to get really creative and design a piece of art on your wall. For children’s and teenage bedrooms this works brilliantly.

Let’s talk about Pattern!

Pineapples and flamingos reached somewhat of a peak last year. New interior trends for 2020 focus on patterns with foliage greens, plants, safari, tigers, zebras, which look stylish and make a bold statement

Look at Charlotte Jade for her beautiful nature-inspired fabrics and wallpapers.

Floral fabrics are making a comeback too. They work best on a statement accent chair in a grand entrance or to complement a plain sofa. Take a look at how Turnbull and Thomas incorporated a beautiful modern black velvet with Designers Guild floral fabric. What a great combination!!

Floral Heem Easy Chair by Turnbull and Thomas

The colour of the Year by Pantone is Classic Blue which came as a surprise to me. I feel it isn’t a huge change to last years very strong trending blue colour. We saw the dark blue in all it’s shades being implemented on kitchens cupboard doors to dark blue walls as well as strong blue velvet popping onto lots of sofas and armchairs.

What I am taking from this year is the preoccupation with the state of the oceans. sustainable design and a connection to nature are coming to the forefront. The previous year’s Pantone colour Living Coral represented vibrant nature in the midst of climate chaos. This is now continued in the rise of sea-inspired motifs: Coral, Seagrasses and Shells have all been appearing in the new collections.

I do love this wallpaper Corlanio, designed by Mathew Williamson sold by Osborn and Little. This beautiful wallpaper is an undersea scene which imagines the jewellery and treasures from a Spanish galleon caught on stems of coral.

Hope you enjoy this week’s discussion on this decade’s trends.

Next blog I will be talking about the trends for sofas and armchairs.

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