Covid 19, home-schooling and interior designing cool bachelor pads


This is not normal. Nothing these days is normal. I am juggling like most of you with home-schooling, making meals throughout the day, trying to keep my house tidy, and most importantly, I am trying to keep sane. These are very unusual times. It has been 13 weeks of an intense life-changing experience. I know we are all on the same boat, some are coping better than others. I have been quiet on the social media side as I have not had the headspace to try and appear as if I have it all under control.

I most definitely don’t. I have been completely devoted to my two daughters making sure, they have been appropriately homeschooled. Some schools have been sending basic work home, and some schools have been working extremely hard, making sure their students keep on track and carry on learning to the best of their ability. The teachers have been working with Zoom, giving approximate 6 classes a week as well as marking their work as soon as handed in. Our school has given above and beyond. I am so appreciative of the teachers’ efforts. I have so much respect and admiration for all their hard work.

But I must say that I have had to learn fast and work on my patience with my girls. I love them to bits but teaching them fractions and writing poems and speeches has been challenging.

That is why I have had to make a sacrifice and not spend my precious time on social media but put my head down and get the schoolwork done.

One thing I did make time for is exercise. It started with Joe Wicks every morning, which the whole family got into. But slowly, slowly, everyone dropped out beside me. Then I decided to add a Yoga session, and before I knew it I was hooked. Now I do two sessions of Yoga as well as HIIT weights with Joe Wicks. I am feeling so much stronger, and hence I am back talking to you.

On a positive note, I finished two projects as Isolation started and two projects came in two weeks ago. It has made such a difference to my mind adding design work to my daily routine.

I really love my work. I love designing, I love the relationships that I develop with my clients, and I do love the excitement of when installation day arrives.

All the space planning, furniture ordering and home accessories, art, lighting comes to an end.

Marylebone -Master Bedroom


Tomorrow I am installing a bachelor apartment in Hoxton. These type of projects I love. Working with young- tech guys who know what they like and have a high demand for quality and comfort. One thing for sure, they are not scared to use colour.

Over this period, it has been challenging finding stock items and working with customer service people and management that are easy to work with. So today I would like to do a few shout-outs.

I would like to give top marks to Camarich furniture company, that have gone above and beyond their customer service. I know I have written about them in the past, but not only their quality and the furniture design is very high, but Tom, the manager of the Swiss Cottage branch has pulled out all stops to help me find stock items. Their delivery team from Atlas of London too, helped me to find the right time and slot that works for me.

The other great company is Gillmore. A great British manufacturing company. It was so easy ordering from them and such a pleasure working with their customer service.

I am looking forward to seeing the Federico metal bed with high weathered oak headboard and the gunmetal side tables.

Last but not least is, Sotti, a home accessory company. I have ordered all the cushions and throws from them. I haven’t bought from them before, but I did see their products in situ last Christmas. I can say the quality is very high and their prices are excellent.

That is it for now, my friends. I will post images on Instagram and Facebook as things unfold and will show you before and after pictures, once I get the space photographed professionally.

I must say, I am excited for the first time in a long time.

Maybe there is not so much doom and gloom after all.

Be well and stay safe everyone