Kitchen and Bathroom Trends – Part 3


For the last blog of this series, I’m talking about kitchen and bathroom trends for 2020 and beyond.

Currently, we are making much more of a statement in our kitchen and bathroom designs than we did in the past. In decades gone by it was all about clean and clear design. The white kitchen was all the rage as was the spa-like bathroom. Monochrome and neutral tones were much in demand. Take for example the dark concrete grey tiles or huge marble tiles used to create luxurious and serene spaces.

In this blog I’m looking at how to create a space that makes a statement and puts your home ahead of the kitchen and bathroom trends for 2020. More and more colour is creeping into our homes. Bright colours, edgy dark tones and bold textures is what we should all be looking for.


The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the house. So we all want to make the right choices when it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen. We want to play it safe and ensure it will outlive fast moving interior design trends right?! We want to make a choice that doesn’t cause us to wake up one morning regretting our choices. But do we really want another white kitchen?

As kitchen suppliers share their latest designs I see more and more kitchens that pack a punch, an oomph and a style that has personality. Most importantly a kitchen that reflects your personality.

Kitchen designs in different styles

Here is a grey and white kitchen that has style, personality and brings out the calmness within the space. I know I said grey is boring and a white kitchen is something of the past. But combining them both together like this is very cool.

A Henley kitchen by Neptune

Green is a huge colour this year. We are seeing it, not only in upholstery, but also in kitchens. Designers are always pushing the boundaries, trying new things and bringing new elements into our spaces. In this new decade we’re going to see a lot of new design-led elements in our kitchen styles. Look at this incredible kitchen with its cabinet and island curves in this stunning delightful green colour..

Green Curved Kitchen by Sella Concept

I know I said white kitchens are a thing of the past but there are lots of ways to create a soft natural feel in your existing white kitchen.

This decade is all about looking after our environment and using materials that will do that. We all want to respect nature and the environment, and our home should do the same. If we look back in history and see that ancient, vernacular building methods and traditions worked in this exact way, then why can’t we bring this back into our modern homes?

Bring a holiday vibe to your home

How about looking at plastered walls and wood cabinets. A lot of the time we go away on holiday we love the spaces we stay in as they are filled with warmth and magical touch. Now you can bring your holiday calm and serenity into your home by creating a beautiful kitchen hub.

Natural kitchen by Clayworks

I have been chatting to a lovely kitchen designer Elisa Cook. She has a private home office in the back of her house. It is so lovely, it feels like you just want to move in. Her office cabin is as wide as the garden and has all the samples you could ever wish for. We were chatting on her cosy sofa discussing trends. Also, what the main requests currently are for designing one of the most important rooms in the house.

Main kitchen trends for 2020 and beyond

Let’s start with a smooth painted kitchen, shaker or modern, it doesn’t matter what style, but the painted colour cabinet is a huge trend. Shades of green and blue are still very popular. What gets me excited is teaming dark with dark colours. For example, bottle green and dark navy with dark looking worktops is spectacular.

Elisa Cook Kitchen Design

Handleless rails are what people are requesting for a modern kitchen. It’s brass handles for a Shaker-style kitchen.

Tall units are something of the past. The look is spacious so most of the units are low with an accent of a simple shelf for styling. The aesthetics are what’s really important.

Open-shelf units, which add a nice wooden accent and warmth to the scheme is what is trending in 2020.

When it comes to the island, one slab of granite is history. Mixing up the materials and colours is what is trending. For example adding some natural wood to a dark coloured island unit is fabulous.

Tiled splash backs are exciting again. There are so many beautiful tiles choose from. These days people are really thinking out of the box and trying new things.

Check out Tons of Tiles for cool and colourful splash back tiles.


It is not only the kitchens that have taken a turn in design but so have bathrooms.

Chrome taps were basically the only option we had a few years back. Slowly a variety of taps have come onto the market. It started with black taps and now you can find taps in all different colours. But that is not the only thing, coloured basins and baths in all shades are also now available.

Colourful splash back in multi coloured options and designs. There are endless options of how you can bespoke the splash back to your personality and family. Check out Galrtique for their bespoke glass splash backs.

Coloured bathroom suites can look spectacular, but they tend to be on the higher end of the market. A more affordable way to get this look might be to look for coloured tiles that add oomph with black taps and crittall shower screen. Crittall screens are hugely on trend for this year but they are also expensive. A great way of getting around it is by going on eBay to find more affordable copies.

The bathroom experience

A spa-like bathroom is a dream come true for me. If and when I have a moment to myself this is where I like to spend it soaking in a bath reading a book or just lighting up a beautiful candle and listening to soft music. This is possible for everyone and it shouldn’t cost a fortune.

The brassware is very important and getting good quality that doesn’t stain and won’t get ruined by harsh water is of the essence. Look at the Samuel Heath ranges. They are not cheap, but you won’t need to replace them in a year or two. Do it right and get it right and you will be happily soaking in your bath for years to come.

A spherical bath by Rachel Usher Interior Design


When embarking on your project no one wants to make mistakes. Mistakes are expensive. So getting it right and getting your space to last for years is of the utmost importance. Interior design is not a hobby it is a profession. When collaborating with a designer it is a journey of discovery and creativity. We bring in our years of knowledge, technical skills and creative ability. Our experience of designing your space will bring your dreams into reality. I hope the series of trends for 2020 has inspired you and has given you some guidance on embarking on your home renovation.

Take a look at my services to find out more about what I do and please contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss your upcoming project. I’d love to know what your favourite design trends are for 2020 so please leave me a comment below.