Why you should hire a designer for a day


I regularly go over to my friends and family’s houses, giving them as much design advice as I possibly can, and always joke that I should be charging for it – now this is a service you can get too!

How it works:

This is an intensive service where we will give you as much design advice as we possibly can, within 6 hours. We’ll meet you at your home or business and plan, measure and discuss ideas in depth for what you want to achieve. We’ll help you with things like spatial planning, sourcing furniture, lighting, accessories, and fabrics. You’ll then have the freedom to continue your design journey alone or with us if you’d rather put your mind fully at ease. Below I’ll discuss why this service is so valuable and in what circumstances I would recommend using it.


I’d recommend this service for individuals who want to decorate or renovate their home but aren’t ready to commit to any large-scale plans. I’d also recommend this to anyone who wants something done to their home, but doesn’t know where to begin on home improvements. You can have as big a creative input as you like, and while we love working collaboratively with our clients, we also rise to the challenge of having more creative control.

If you’re a business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of time to consider the aesthetic and design aspects of your business site. This service would be ideal for you, as you could keep your mind on generating more income, while we focus on creating quick but life-enhancing proposals.


We’re used to budgeting, so we’ll help you create the design of your dreams within your price range. We’ll also stop you from making expensive mistakes, and with interior design, mistakes tend to be VERY expensive.

Time and time again we see people making huge design decisions without professionals, ending up either sticking with results they hate, or paying a designer to undo their errors – meaning they often pay double what they would have paid originally. With Designer for a Day, you simply pay one fee, and you can then have a professional approve any ideas you have (or come up with new ones entirely) before it’s too late.

The service is therefore a short-term investment with long-lasting effects. Even if you decide to only make small changes recommended by us, you can implement these in any other spaces you might own in the future. We’ll give you advice that lasts a lifetime.


If you’re considering renting or selling, you’ll obviously want to get the most bang for your buck out of your tenants and buyers. We can inform you of the most desirable qualities within a property historically and right now, allowing you to charge significantly higher rates. Rather than trend-hopping, we’ll recommend tried and tested styles that have stood the test of time, so you’ll face no additional costs of ‘updating’ the property.

This service is therefore also ideal for business owners. In commercial spaces, we’ll consider things like visual merchandising, brand identity and atmosphere to create places that won’t only entice people in, but make people want to stay. We’ll also take into account any legal requirements you might have within your industry, so you have total reassurance that your business is as profitable yet secure as possible.


If you’re unsure of your particular style, why not hire a designer to help you refine it? We’ll take all your likes and dislikes into account to propose the perfect colour scheme, plan, and type of interior for you. We’ll be able to source items for you that match your aesthetic, and get you started on the right path. Again, you’ll have a list of names of shops and design houses for you to be able to source from for the rest of your life.

If your space is occupied by a couple, residential design requires compromise from both. Hiring a Designer for a Day will allow us to figure out your partner’s style too, further reducing stress for both parties. This way, you’ll have a design that balances both of your wants and needs, without looking mismatched or chaotic. Rather, your design will not only physically represent you and your partner (and family) but will be practical and suit your lifestyles coherently as one.


When you hire a designer for a day, you’re not hiring just a person. You’re hiring years of training and a multitude of advice from other professionals in the industry. As a result, we’ll guarantee unmatched attention to detail, in addition to a range of interesting and often unusual design and decoration options, giving your home the ‘wow factor’ it truly deserves.

You’ll get suggestions and practical advice for dealing with difficult issues within your space – such as awkward nooks and crannies and unchangeable architectural features, that could otherwise stop it from reaching its full potential. Every consultation is totally unique to you and your needs – so you know you’ll get the best advice and service possible.

Thank you so much for reading, and click here if you’d like to book our ‘Designer for a Day’ service. We promise it’s a worthy investment.

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