How to add a pop of colour into your living room


This blog is about how to add brightness to your house – In our opinion, pops of colour are always a good idea – no matter what your style of home. Here are some ways to add more vibrancy into your home without breaking the bank.


Lighting is key to any successful design, so consider what your room needs most. If it needs height, go for a chandelier or pendant to draw the eye upwards. This could be theatrical, textured, shiny or just brightly coloured to give your room a more energetic feel. Have fun with it!

Maybe your room needs more multicoloured light – for me, this would be something vibrant, like Moroccan hanging or table lamps, which look gorgeous in winter and summer and will bathe the room in an ambient glow.

Photo courtesy of Curiousa

On the other hand, you could mix and match your current lamps with different lampshades. Try places like Pooky for sophisticated but fun lighting if you don’t have any. Alternatively, consider charity shops, Facebook Marketplace, TK Maxx or HomeSense for affordable but interesting pieces. You can change them frequently to introduce colour and make a room feel warmer, cooler, contemporary or traditional. With this technique, your creative possibilities are truly endless!

Photo courtesy of Pooky


This is an easy and affordable way of zhuzhing up a drab living room – throws, cushions and rugs are your best friend here! While I don’t suggest going over the top with colours (although be my guest if that’s what you’re into), try occasional, punchy pieces.

For example, swap your rattan/cream rug with a traditional Persian one. Adding this lovely pop of pattern and colour, particularly if it’s reddish in tone, almost acts neutral and complements most room styles, creating a homely feel.

Photo courtesy of Simon Brown

With cushions, two-tone is a great way to go. You could have a neutral colour on one side and bright blue, for example, on another. Or find patterned cushions with a mix of neutrals and bright colours – consider things like trims, buttons and embroidery. This same principle can be applied to throws and any other soft furnishings.

If you fancy a bigger investment, reupholster (you show off!) or buy a chair or ottoman in a vibrant fabric. This is an ‘accent piece’ –focusing the eye in that direction. Balance this with pops of colour on the other side (either matching or contrasting), and you’ll have a bolder yet sophisticated look.

Cigal Kaplan Interiors


My favourite part of interior design – decoration! Finishing touches transform a room from feeling staged to lived in. To do this, I ensure there is a mix of plants, vases, books, candles and photo frames.

If you’ve noticed that your living room needs a bit of colour in a particular corner, throw a vase or plant there – you’ll see a difference immediately! Also, consider height – if you have a low chair, add a tall cheese plant, or for a small pop of vibrancy, place a bunch of fresh flowers on a side table. Great artificial plants exist in places like Homescapes for my fellow accidental but serial plant murderers.

Photo courtesy of Casa Watkins

Books, candles and photo frames create an atmosphere. I love places like Oliver Bonas, who, although on the upper end of high street prices, create gorgeous pieces that look great on all mantelpieces, desks and serving trays. For a fun day out, charity shops and car boot sales are great alternatives. Plus, they add both colour and history to your room, making it feel more layered and characterful.

Photo courtesy of Oliver Bonas


Art is a great way of making boring walls look unique. If you don’t have any, I strongly recommend investing in some. These could be big, small, matching or completely mismatched in colour and tone. If you already have wall art, but the space isn’t as interesting as you’d like, I have a few suggestions:

Try changing frames to be more eclectic in style or rearrange your wall entirely. Create a gallery wall of your favourite prints, photos, posters and tapestries all on one wall. This will give the impression of showcasing your accumulated treasures, giving an authentic, relaxed feel. For a more minimal approach, try sets of prints. In my room, I have three large, identically-framed Monet prints that make the room feel calm but cohesive, adding brightness to the space.

If you don’t want to buy more art, repaint your current frames or buy new ones. This looks particularly striking if you have monochromatic pieces contrasted with an outrageously bright frame.

Photo courtesy of Sun Ngo


My last tip requires the greatest effort, but looks absolutely stunning and provides a great little weekend project for you and your friends/family/flatmates. Alternatively, just enslave your partner as I do! Depending on whether you own the property (or have a really cool landlord) there are two options here:

If you are renting or don’t want to risk messing up any architectural features, buying or painting your own furniture can add drama and interest to a room. A painted antique desk or chest can take your living room to another level. If you’re too scared to commit to the whole piece, paint just the knobs or change them for something more vivid and contrasting.

Photo courtesy of Graham & Green

For something more drastic, I recommend painting architectural features or doors in either a soft pale colour or something more daring. Your choice! Consider where and how many colours you want. If you need brightness in a corner and you have a door there, paint the door! If you want colour throughout the room paint the cornice, dado rails, or skirting boards.

Photo courtesy of Suzy Hoodless

Creating vibrancy in your home doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need to know how to go about it. I hope these tips help you create a happy and welcoming space to enjoy. If you need help creating this throughout your house, why not book our ‘designer for a day’ service? Alternatively, if you’re struggling with which colours to go for, check out this free quiz to discover which colours you gravitate towards according to your personality.

Thanks for reading and tune in for next month’s blog.