What You Should Know About Feng Shui For Interior Design

With recent celebrations of the Chinese New Year, we have learnt that this is the year of the Pig. A symbol of wealth, luck and honesty.


However, according to Chinese astrology, the year of your sign is believed to be one of the most afflicted years of your life. This does not abode well for anyone born in previous years of the pig.

After reading this prognosis, I became increasingly invested in how Chinese tradition intercepts with Interior Design and our Wellbeing.


This was when I discovered Feng Shui, a system of laws to govern spatial arrangement and orientation concerning the flow of energy; in the home, garden and office. It is about working with things as they are and trying to enhance your life, by bringing it into harmony and balance with its surroundings.

To apply Feng Shui to your home, you need to understand your energy map called ‘Bagua.’ Once you have created this grid, you will know which areas of your life and home are connected.


In traditional Feng Shui philosophy, your bedroom symbolises you and affects you the most; so, if you are planning to use Feng Shui as a guideline to redecorate your house, you should focus on your bedroom first.

It would help if you began by arranging your bed in the most powerful part of your room and having space available on either side of the bed. This means that you have space open for your partner or future partner. There should be at least two feet of walking space on the left- and right-hand side of the bed, with a headboard against the wall. A solid headboard without bars or holes fastened securely to the bed creates stability and harmony! It is also believed that if you have a wooden headboard, it can promote new beginnings and bring life energy, into your space, which is perfect for anybody trying to conceive. Additionally, if you take time out of your day to make your bed every morning and thank it for supporting you every night. That energy resonates throughout the whole day until your bed welcomes you back to sleep at night.

The quality of energy in your home has an extensive impact on your wellbeing. You should pay close consideration to the Feng Shui ‘Trinity’ that is deeply rooted in your health.

It would be best if you took time to research your birth element (earth, metal, water, wood and fire) as it can help create a home that nourishes and supports your energy and prosperity.

If you lack self-care and stability, then you should add more of the earth element to your surroundings. The colours of the earth include tones of yellow, orange and brown. A dark- brown wooden headboard can be used to ground your relationship.

The metal element which consists of greys, whites and metallic tones, can provide more clarity and precision. Silver metal frames can help direct and expedite your goals.

If you are intrigued to invite more flow or wisdom into your spaces, then accents of black call upon the element of water, sitting in a black or dark blue office chair will help promote this.

Finally, the red colour of the fire energy is magnetising and can illuminate you when you need more passion or recognition.


Overall, this year is set to bring us earth elements which means good business flow, which is perfect for all you, Entrepreneurs.

Lastly, I hope this year brings positivity and happiness.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Cigal Kaplan