Home Interior Design Solutions for Individuals and Families Relocating to London

Have you just moved to London or planning to move to London? 

Would you know where to go and source for affordable furniture to fill your house with the right items that you will need to make your house a home?

Where would you go and buy curtains and blinds to keep the sun out of your room at 4 am during summer?

Have you thought about how you will be getting rid of all your boxes once you have unpacked your belongings?

There are so many questions and elements to think about when moving homes, right? Even if you are moving home within your city its hard work, let alone moving countries.

Moving home sucks, I have moved homes so many times in my adult life that I actually stopped counting. It actually never bothered me at all when I was in my twenties and early thirties. I always found it a bit stressful, but I have a feeling that it gave me a buzz. I never enjoyed looking for my next home as I always used to share apartments with other friends as London is an expensive city like most large cities in this world. But I used to love redecorating my new apartment. Every room that I moved into I used to redesign in a different design flair. I used to love going vintage shopping at Portobello Market and love to go to Kempton Park to look for a great bargain. One of my favourite roads in London was Golbourne Road, super cool, super trendy and I always used to find great stuff with character. Ah, and do not forget to grab a coffee and a pastry at Lisboa Patisserie, so yummy.

Notting Hill Antiques Market

Notting Hill Antiques Market

But, the moving stage was stressful. Finding boxes and packing until very late at night. Finding friends or movers to help move my stuff over the weekends. It was not fun! Now that I have a family, do not get me started on how stressful it is. The children love seeing their new rooms, but once the excitement is over, they get so emotional.

Organising the packers, and packing and the unpacking and even knowing how and where to get rid of the boxes is another palaver, right?  YUCK!

But 6 months down the line it is lovely. It takes time and energy to make a house feel a home, I have done this so many times I know how you all feel. So today I am going to write some tips on how to move homes without too much stress.


 Packing and unpacking:

The first stage of moving homes is finding a good reliable moving company to come and pack your house. Some of you will think that to cut the cost down it would be better if you pack your home yourselves.

I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt.

 My first suggestion is don't do that to yourself, you really don’t need the t-shirt.

 Firstly, you need to go and buy lots of cardboard boxes and tape which will cost a fortune and just researching for the right amount and cost will take your time.  Time is money, right? If you get the moving company to pack for you, they will pack your house in one full day. Before you know it your whole home will be in boxes. Quite emotional, I know, to see all your belongings in boxes, but you will be in good hands.

Great Reliable packers are The Gladiator Removals

If you are moving countries, then every single item needs to be written down on an excel spreadsheet and labelled too. You must be very organised and efficient. So before you even start packing your home, try to throw away and give to charity as much as you can. Less to have, less to pack and less to unpack. Declutter, declutter and declutter is the name of the game.

Friendly declutters  are Russ  Doffman from DeclutteRus and Arianna Steigman from Reclaim Your Space

 Try your best to let go of clothes, toys, and items that have been in storage for more than 6 months, you just don't need it any more. There are so many people in this world that need things for their home. This exercise will make you feel good and will give you a push to get things done.

Ideas of how to organise your wardrobe

Ideas of how to organise your wardrobe

Furniture Purchase and Installation:

The interior design stage is close to my heart.

I love this stage the most. It is exciting, it’s creative and the options are endless.

For most, this stage is very daunting as when you get to a new city who knows where to go and source new affordable furniture. I have lot of experience with sourcing furniture very quickly, so you will not need to wait between 8-12 weeks for your new sofa or coffee table to arrive. It is possible to make your house a home in ground-breaking time. Once your house feels like a home, you will be able to get on with life and start enjoying London with all the amazing things it can offer.

The interior design and furniture sourcing phase can be done in a few stages.

Focus on what is the most essential item you need to start living in your home.

 Is it your desk where you can start working again from home or is it getting more wardrobe space?

 In London homes there is never enough storage space so this could be one of your first items to look for.

I am sure many of you when you arrived in town didn't have a sofa or the right sofa for the space in your new home and you had to really compromise on aesthetics and comfort.

Well, Camerich is a furniture company where you can rent furniture for a minimum of three months and they will also loan you a sofa too while you are waiting for your purchased item to be delivered. What is also fantastic is that they have a lot of items in stock so possibly your favourite item they will be able to deliver the following day. So go check them out. Their prices are competitive which is awesome.

Camerich: Lazytime Corner Sofa

Camerich: Lazytime Corner Sofa

For good quality wardrobes, I like to source from Italian manufactures as the quality is excellent and their turnaround time is also very good.

If you are on budget then Ikea wardrobes are also great. I am not embarrassed to say, but if you are smart about it like changing the handles to beautiful ones which you have found on Portobello Road (there is a great shop that sells lots of different handles. I just love going there), no one will know your cupboards are from Ikea. Do not go for the cheaper range of Ikea, but go for their premium range and the cupboards will last. 

Ikea Wardrobes with beautiful leather handles

Ikea Wardrobes with beautiful leather handles

The other online shop that I look at is Wayfair. Their prices are very good and their customer service is outstanding too. Check them out!

 Other items you might be looking to purchase is a console table and a lovely mirror for the entrance to your home. For these items, I look at Maisons du Monde . They have great stuff and great prices too.


For high street brands that are affordable, believe me when I say it but check Zara Home. I do love Zara Home, they have great accessories, very modern, stylish and affordable. Here is a little secret, if you wait till the sales which start now (June) then you really can get a bargain.

Zara Home Bedside Table

Zara Home Bedside Table

Kitchen Organisation:

Believe it when I say it, getting your kitchen organised is one heck of a job. Unpacking all the items without breaking anything and getting the layout of your kitchen work even when you are renting is possible, but it will take time. So take it one stage at a time. Firstly, go food shopping and stock up so no one complains to you in the meantime.

Then work out what is the best layout for you, where to put all your condiments, plastic containers, cups and plates for the children so it is in reach height for them. Have enough storage containers so all your cupboards look inspiring and cooking will be come enjoyable. I like to use baskets as I don't like using many containers, especially when we all have to be so aware of Zero Waste. On Monday night BBC had a documentary on plastic and recycling that really upset me, so I am going to try my hardest to not use as much plastic in my home.

Ideas to organise your kitchen

Ideas to organise your kitchen

So before signing off for today you can find below is a list of the services that we can provide to help you get settled into London living. Let me reassure you that things do get easier after a while. Take your time, do not get stressed and enjoy the journey and of course London Town.

• Interior design

• Build and project management

• Property styling

• Interior layout and planning

• Furniture packages

• Architectural planning

 •Packing and unpacking

• Furniture purchase and installation

• Kitchen organisation

• Living room set-up

• Bedrooms ready with beds made

• Clothes folded and hung

• Declutter

• Grocery shopping

• Computer set-up, including internet and mobile phones

• Audio-visual equipment set-up

• Domestic cleaning service

• Orientation to a new city or area.


It would be great to hear from you if you have any concerns, questions or just want to have a chat

Signing out for today. Have a good one!

Cigal of Cigal Kaplan Interiors, Making your house a Home!

Cigal Kaplan