Interior Design for Relocation & House Moves

Interior Design House Relocation

Home styling and design for relocation

Relocating to a new city is stressful enough without getting caught up in the detail of soft furnishings. At Cigal Kaplan Interiors, we help to relocate families move into new homes, removing the worry so you can get on with all the adjustments.

Our relocation services include:

• Packing and unpacking

• Furniture purchase and installation

• Kitchen organisation

• Living room set-up

• Bedrooms ready with beds made

• Clothes folded and hung

• Declutter option

• Grocery shopping

• Computer set-up, including internet and mobile phones

• Audiovisual equipment set-up

• Domestic cleaning service

• Orientation to a new city or area

Home styling Services for Moving to London

Our moving to London package is a complete one-stop-shop aimed at getting you settled into your new home, from before you have even arrived.

Here’s how it works:


Before the Move

We will arrange Skype meetings before you arrive in town. If you’ve not yet found your home, we can recommend areas to live in and help you find a house. We are in close contact with many real estate agents in the London area. We can also meet with relocation and estate agents on your behalf, to help you decide what furniture to bring with you, and what items you will need to add to your new property.

Interior Solutions

Speed is of the essence with a project such as this. Once we have agreed on your new home, we can get on with shopping for soft furnishings. At this stage you can give us measurements of your existing furniture, so we can be sure it fits the allotted space. If there is anything that needs changing, or that you don’t yet have, or merely wish to change, we will source and order everything in a timely fashion and order of necessity, making sure items are available. We work with a broad network of suppliers – furniture manufacturers, blind makers, curtain-hangers, builders, plumbers, electricians and architects – all quality assured. If you need visual examples we can create mood boards and source swatches then present our findings via Skype, carried out at a time that works for you.

Setting Up

An exciting but busy phase, especially if you have already moved here and are living in temporary accommodation. Waiting in to accept deliveries is one of the most significant issues for those not yet in the country, or if you’re living in temporary housing and get to the new house on time. We can accept deliveries (checking them off for content and quality),

And start to put things together, hanging soft furnishings, installing curtains and blinds, setting up lighting and fixing shelves in place. Headboards are delivered and attached to walls, artwork is hung professionally, beds are made, and flowers set in vases. The house is now fully styled and looks gorgeous


Welcome! When you land, we’ll be here to meet you in person and show you around your beautiful new home. Unpacking is one of the biggest jobs of any house move and takes a lot of time. We can open, unpack and clear boxes, putting items alongside your new things and making a final check that everything works together. Now is the time to declutter, a service we also provide, sorting through existing furniture, some of which might not fit in your new property, then disposing and recycling unwanted items. You will also need to be put in touch with local services such as electricity, gas, phone and banking.

We can’t wait to deliver your dream home – a cosy, comfy space in a great new town, perfectly styled and ready for the whole family to enjoy.