Specialist interior design & settling-in service
for families moving to London


At Cigal Kaplan Interiors, we help relocate families move into new homes, removing the worry and stress so they can get on with all the adjustments in their new life. Our approach at Cigal Kaplan Interiors is based around quality. We work with a range of clients, from private individuals and families, steering the planning process from start to finish to create a home that suits their needs and tastes. Using our extensive experience of interior design specialists, we ensure the process of making a home happen smoothly and promptly

Cigal Kaplan Interiors has partnered up with companies who will be able to give the ultimate bespoke services to individuals and families who have relocated to London.


Perfect Cuppa English

Speaking naturally & confidently and inter-cultural insight English Language & Culture training.
Perfect Cuppa English offers private, bespoke English language & British culture training for international professionals, expats & their partners who have relocated to London. Highly recommended for individuals who want to speak more confidently, communicate naturally in English plus gain an insight into British culture. This can help support meeting & connecting with people in everyday or work situations, whether the communication objective is developing a career, social or study. We work in private, bespoke meetings at a time which suits you, and our trainers can come to you at your home or discreetly at work, covering the whole of London.

Talks & Articles:

Victoria Rennoldson regularly speaks & writes articles on British cultural themes for London's international expat community groups. In the past she has shared her expertise with Facebook London HQ for their expat partners group, the international FOCUS expat community, Londres Accueil (the French community in London), & Himemama London (the Japanese community group). Here are some examples of her previous articles:



Megus Education

Your child’s learning journey

Educational Consultancy & Placement



Your partner's career strategy

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