Where to buy affordable art in London


To end my 2020 blog magazine, I would like to share with you my knowledge on where to find affordable art in London.

Over the years I have shared with you my knowledge of where to find affordable furniture and vintage furniture pieces, but I have not collated all my knowledge and ideas where you can find – up and coming young artists and where to start looking for art that will suit your home at an affordable price.

On a tight budget

If you are on a tight budget and modern art doesn’t mean much to you then I would recommend to head to the poster option. What that means is get a great poster that speaks to you or that you and frame it well.

Check out Desenio .

They have a huge amount of different genres and styles. Their prints are good quality and you can create a lovely gallery wall in your hallway or in your bedroom.

You can buy your frames from them too, so it is quite easy to find something for every home.


I love going to vintage markets. I have managed to find great pieces of furniture over the years in Kempton Park. But for art I would go to Sunbury Antique Market in Kempton. Both these markets are worth visiting when you feel like something vintage and old and of course when you are on a budget.

There are always charity shops where you can find interesting things in the most unexpected places. You just never know what is hiding on your high street.

If you do not have time or do not quite trust yourself, then make contract with two really lovely ladies who can go shopping for you.

Tamar and Sam have set up together @yourantiquesourcingstudio

www.yourantiquesourcingstudio.com. Give them a call or private message them as I am sure they will understand your brief and will be able to find you something special.


Believe it or not, Instagram is a really powerful tool to find artists and art. Every artist has an account, so it’s all about searching the right hashtag.

During Covid a new hashtag popped out #artistsupportpledge where you can find things from as little as £200 or less.

Make direct contact with the emerging artists and negotiate a price with them.

I think Sian McGill’s work is really wonderful. Check her also on Instagram

Degree Shows

Another important event this year has been made virtual and that is the degree shows. I always used to go to the University of the Arts London shows where all the new talent come out from.

But this year all the events were cancelled… Another Booooo to Covid.

On this website, you can find all the new emerging talent


Check out Lily Kepm, her work is phenomenal! She was shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize 2019/20


If you are still not sure if you are ready to invest in art then how about renting? This is a very new and great trend in my opinion. It is great for people who are indecisive or are constantly moving homes or re-decorating. I suggest you search at Art in Office.


The website Shop The Room constantly is adding more art to their collection. What is great about this website, that you can find fully designed rooms in different styles. Of course, the art is part of the room design. The art can come framed or unframed and in different sizes too. With one click, one room and one day you will be able to get a fully designed room installed and all the art will be hung for you too. Easy peasy!

Master bedroom- Fully designed room by Shop The Room


One last idea is to get an artist to create a piece for a particular wall in your house. Lots of artists will be happy to create a piece for you if you give them a precise brief with measurements, colours that you would like and of course your budget.

Do not be shy if you cannot afford one of your local artists or your favourite artist. Private message them and I am sure they will be more than happy to create you a bespoke piece. What a wonderful anniversary gift or birthday present.


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