Interior design ideas for small house


The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to spend more time at home, raising the bar in terms of what we expect from our homes, which now needs to serve as an office, a place for entertainment and leisure, as well as offer personal space for all the whole family.

Many people who spend so much time at home have found it hard to ignore all the flaws, big and small, pushing them to invest in redecoration and refurbishments. These can include simple cosmetic facelifts or major upgrades, an improvement that enhances the property value in the long term and our mental health and family wellbeing.

Today I will be discussing a few ideas on how you can improve your small house by taking into consideration every small niche and wall.


The pandemic has increased demand for a work environment separate from the rest of the house. We need a separate room to do our work and homeschooling.

In some cases, a separate room or work area can be created by adding glass doors. They create a feeling of spaciousness while letting the area remain an integral part of the home, but most importantly, block the incessant noise as well as enable some privacy while you work.

Alternatively, one can add a room partition. Rattan dividers are lovely as well as Tylko bookshelves. You can design them exactly to your needs, style and colour

One last thing, if you have a small wall that is empty, then why don’t you put wallpaper on it and place your desk next to it. Walla, you have a working space


The reality of life during the last year of the pandemic has made it even more necessary for couples to escape to their own quiet space. It is a place where they can disengage and have a change of pace.

It is worth investing in a master bedroom suite that includes a bedroom, bathroom and closet, or even a walking closet.

By Cigal Kaplan Interiors


The last year has really shown us how important is every space in our homes. This includes the outdoor. The living room does not really need to end at the sliding doors to the balcony. Properly planned outdoors can be an extension to the living room.

If you plan the outdoor environment as well as the interior you will be treated with a whole new space that will add value and comfort to your life.

To add privacy to your balcony add a trellis with jasmine. Such a simple touch will add so much to your space. Jasmine plant blossoms for a long time and can cover the entire wall or trellis. You can plant it in steel planters/ boxes. Do not forget the importance of watering it. If you can connect it to the water tap that is outside then great, if not, then add a reminder on your phone to water it every few weeks.

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